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FIELD MUSEUM All Departures

Departing: Saturday, February 17, 2018
1 Day
Field Museum of Natural History - Includes SUE, world culture, history, animals, gem exhibits, and Egyptian tomb complex with a burial shaft, chamber, and mummies.  Touchable displays in the Place of Wonder; Traveling the Pacific, featuring exhibits on Pacific natural history and cultures.  Entrance includes Ancient Mediterranean Cultures - What happens when cultures collide and people are able to trade, interact, and influence each other like never before?  Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact will feature an impressive array of Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and Etruscan objects and dives into a time when borders opened and civilizations began to interact.  This unprecedented movement led to trade, travel, and the exchange of ideas across seas and continents, fueling innovation and adoption in the arts, religion, language, and writing.  Each individual piece in the exhibition has a much larger story to tell: a Roman Period mummy from Egypt, an Etruscan vase made in the Greek style, and the crowning of Greek and Roman leaders as pharaohs challenge what we’ve come to believe about these ancient nations and the world we live in today.


TOUR INCLUDES: Round-Trip Transportation via TURNER Motorcoach • Group Admission Charges and Taxes

ADDITIONAL INFO: No bee buck (thank you) certificate is redeemed or given. Full payment is due at time of reservation. No refunds will be issued for one day tours. If you must cancel you may sell, give away, or contact TURNER to see if we have a wait list. You must notify TURNER of any name changes. Subject to change!

$86.00 Adult Rate
$81.00 Child Rate