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Pace 1: Very leisurely pace. This tour includes minimal physical activity: climbing some stairs, boarding the motorcoach, and walking to and from attractions/meals/accommodations.

Pace 2: Average physical activity. You should be in good health, able to climb stairs, periods of standing, and walk reasonable distances.

Pace 3: Moderate physical activity. The itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days. Walking tours, as well as walking longer distances, up stairs, or uneven walking surfaces should be expected.

Pace 4: To truly experience the program and destination, you need to be able to participate in physical activities such as longer walking tours, walking over uneven terrain, climbing stairs, and periods of standing. Some of the touring days will be long and are fast paced.

Our Tour Directors and Motorcoach Drivers cannot provide sustained attention to individual clients. It is mandatory that all passengers disembark the motorcoach at stops for meals, attractions, etc. In our office, the Tour Planner for each departure knows the itineraries well and would be happy to consult with you personally should you have questions regarding the amount of walking, elevations, etc. on a particular trip.