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101 years of travel 1921-2022

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Departing: Sunday, October 2, 2022
3 Days
Personal Pace: 2
Average physical activity. You should be in good health, able to climb stairs, periods of standing, and walk reasonable distances.
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This tour takes a diverse look at Northeast Ohio … a region we normally travel through.  We have combined a wide variety of activities into this tour to showcase all that there is within this region.  A couple of our stops are even client requests! We will have a local guide for one full day so that we can immerse ourselves in all that this area has to offer … and we will even have a few surprises.  We are sure to have nothing but fun on this three day adventure!

HIGHLIGHT CITY: Dover, OH • Canton, OH • Kidron, OH
FEATURES: Lehman Hardware - What started as a small hardware store serving the local Amish, grew into something much bigger than founder Jay Lehman ever Dreamed.  Gathering four pre-Civil War era buildings under one soaring roof, today their store is a place to embrace the past: from old-fashioned treats and sodas to practical, non-electric goods that help you live a simpler life.  Shop and reminisce your way through thousands of products while browsing Jay’s antique collection located throughout the store. • The Pro Football Hall of Fame - A world-renowned museum that represents its sport in many colorful and entertaining ways. The Hall of Fame continually enhances its exhibits and displays to provide guests with an immersive and experiential visit to “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!” • McKinley Presidential Library and Museum - You are in for a wonderful experience that includes an interactive science center, a presidential museum dedicated to our 25th president, a historical library, planetarium and more. Experience the solemn memorial to our martyred president, the McKinley National Memorial. • First Ladies National Historic Site -  Preserves, promotes and educates the public about the significant role of First Ladies of the United States and their contributions throughout history. • Maps Air Museum - Internationally known museum of aviation and serves as a center of that history in Northeast Ohio. The museum features over 50 types of aircraft dating from the one of a kind 1908 Martin Glider to an F-16 Fighting Falcon and has over 130 displays of acquired historical artifacts and interactive exhibits. The museum is also a War Memorial as within our Gallery of Heroes there is a relic of the battleship USS Arizona from the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. • Ernest Warther Museum and Gardens - Born in 1885 to Swiss immigrant parents, Ernest “Mooney” Warther began his carving legacy at the age of 5. His focus was the evolution of the steam engine, sculpting engines spanning the time periods from late B.C. to the introduction of diesel engines in the mid-1900s. Tour the gallery spaces with over 100 pieces in the collection and learn about the awe-inspiring life of Ernest Warther. Explore the Warther family residence, Swiss-styled gardens, historic “Calico Ditch,” 3 acre park, and Frieda Warther’s collection of over 73,000 buttons. Our tour at the Ernest Warther Museum and Gardens will experience the world that captures the depth and sincerity of an artist while simultaneously bringing to life the works in the collection and the spirit of the artist himself just as he lived. 

TOUR INCLUDES: Round-Trip Transportation via Deluxe TURNER Motorcoach • Accommodations Two (2) Nights • Lodging at Same Property • Six (6) Meals • Group Admission Charges, Sightseeing, Baggage Handling, Taxes, and Gratuities

ADDITIONAL INFO: Deposit: $200.00 per person. Final payment is due August 18, 2022. No refunds will be issued after the final payment date for multi day tours. If you must cancel you may sell, give away, or contact TURNER to see if we have a wait list. You must notify TURNER of any name changes. Subject to change!
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